Stock Market Study- Symbol YONG



YONG appears to be in the midst of a very nice uptrend. From looking at the chart above, you will see this past Friday it broke through it’s downtrend which started around mid-October at a share price of $12. The two main components that drive a stock’s price performance are price and volume. Notice the volume surge over the previous 2 days. The stock fell all the way down to 6.73. The current price is around 8.50 with upward resistance around 9.00 and then 9.39 and 10.19.  This stock looks good for at least a $0.50 profit and if it can keep building momentum, it could get all the way back up to around the $12.00 level.

As everyone knows, nothing is a guarantee (especially in the stock market), so if you are willing to buy, I would put a stop loss order(automatic sell if the stock drops below a level which you determine) in at $7.50. If you are wondering why I chose the $7.50 level, look at the chart above and notice the 4 days of support the stock had at this level. Four consecutive days sellers were not able to drive the price below this level.

The three month average daily volume on the stock is 835k shares and the volume Friday was 1.55 million, or nearly double. The sentiment is definitely upwards, but remember to cut your losses short and let your profits run.

Over time I will opine on many different stock market related concepts and theories to better educate everyone, but I wanted to get a very nice looking chart posted for everyone to see and study. If the stock chart is not visible, you can go to and insert the symbol YONG and pull up the full chart. We have a link on the main blog page to and it is the best charting website out there.

If you have any questions, drop me an<a href=””>email</a> and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

Full Disclosure: At the time of this posting I do not own any shares of the company mentioned above. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell the mentioned security. Do your own due diligence and decide for yourself.



Johnson + 48 Team = Amazing

59765415     This week NASCAR headed west to the sin city of Las Vegas. Where Kurt Busch captured the pole Friday but would not maintain that position long. Jeff Gordon raced to lead in the first lap and dominated all day leading the most laps of any other driver, 218 of 267. Jimmie Johnson had other plans as usual and raced off with the jackpot with few laps remaining in the race. A Kevin Conway spin brought out the final caution which would bring final pit stops.  A call from Chad Knaus to put four tires on the 48 car allowed Johnson to ease right on by Gordon late in the race with 17 laps to go. Gordon, who only made a two tire stop also relinquished the position of second place to Kevin Harvick. Gordon would finish in third place. With strong runs all afternoon Mark Martin in fourth place and Matt Kenseth in fifth place would close out the top five.

     The interesting story of the day would be Joey Logano who continues to improve each and every race weekend. With today’s sixth place finish he now kick starts his 2010 season with two impressive top tens. At 19 years old and only in his second season the young gun is making his mark on NASCAR.

     So does the golden horseshoe of Jimmie Johnson get wedged furthur up his ass as Kevin Harvick believes, or is the Lowe’s 48 team just that good?

     They are that good. Chad Knaus makes great calls for Johnson every week and places Johnson in great positions to race for the win. Johnson is always up to the challenge. Unhappy with his car early in the race today he stuck with it and was still able to pull off the victory. Now giving Johnson 49 career wins. Yes luck will always play a factor as it does in every sport. But four unprecedented championships in this sport is pretty remarkable. Look out for number five.

~Lil Buddy~


Boys 5th Region Basketball Tourney

Boys 5th Region Basketball Tourney
3/3/10 @ 6pm    
Green County    
  3/7/10 @ 2:30pm    
Nelson County      
3/3/10 @ 8pm      
North Hardin   3/9/10 @ 7:30pm  
3/4/10 @ 6pm      
  3/7/10 @ 5:45pm    
Larue County    
3/4/10 @ 8pm    
Taylor County  


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USA vs. Canada Rematch for the Gold

Prediction: USA 3 Canada 2

Ryan Miller, the goalie for Team USA, is on a roll and seems destined to stamp himself as the MVP of these Olympic hockey games. Currently supporting a scoreless streak which stretches over 111 minutes, he has proven himself to be the best goalie in the world. Miller has allowed just five goals in five starts and his 1.05 goals-against average is tops in the tournament. In last Sunday’s pool-play win over the Canadians, the victory that delivered the Americans the top seed in this tournament, Miller was the difference, making 42 saves, many of the incredible variety. How sweet it’s going to be for Team USA to take down the pre-Olympic favorite country in the game in which they invented.

For those of you interested, he does have a girlfriend and some of her pictures are below. Just click on the thumbnails to view the pictures in their entirety. Her name is Noureen DeWulf and she is an actress. You can decide for yourself as to whether she is “Bad Hot” or not.



Adriana Lima is BAD Hot Ridic!!

Adriana Lima


The Wolfman

This movie is a remake of a classic from 1941.  The film centers around Mr. Larence Talbot(Del Toro) who comes back home to reunite with his father(Anthony Hopkins) after his brother is mauled in the deep woods surrounding their manor house.  Talbot has been far removed from his family and has had a distant relationship with both his brother and father.  Upon returning home he decides to stay and try to figure out what happens to his brother.  He gets bitten by a wereworlf  while investigating his brothers death, which in turn shifts blame to him and makes him a target.  Thats the central focus of the movie. 

The biggest positives of the movie is the ambience and the acting.  It doesnt get much better than Benecio Del Toro, Hugo Weaving and Anthony Hopkins.  Also it doesnt hurt that their  is a bad hot in the movie as well(Emily Blunt).  The most appealing thing about the movie to me is the dark 1880′s setting.  Kinda reminded me of  Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow.  The atmosphere the movie created was absolutely fantastic, from the creepy darkness to the Wolf running around mauling people.  The music accompaning the movie was well done and fit well with the movie as well.  The action kills of the wolf was awesome and terrifying, it actually made me jump a few times.  So if you like blood, gore, and guts, you’ll dig this flick. 

Their are also plot twists and turns that will keep you guessing.  The movie has a nice pace to it as well.  The only disappointing thing about the film was the ending.  It gave no solid conclusion and it becomes obvious what happens when you near the end for anyone who has seen “An American Werewolf in London”.  Overall and very cool and creepy movie and I would reccommend everyone to watch it.  Not a masterpiece by no means but worth 10$

~The Meck~


Putting a Gun to My Head

Isn’t it a funny thing that all these idiots(Democrats) who want universal healthcare are either lazy couch potato morons who dont want to get off their ass and get a job or a uninformed moron who wants something given to them without contributing to society in some manner. They sit in a Government housing complex drinking Wild Turkey and smoking dope and making babies then expect the rest of the hard working people to go out earn a living and pay high taxes to pay for their medicaid and food stamps. Democrats are the party of do nothing lazy pieces of garbage who want all the benefits without making contributions. Then you have the types who work at Coltons who earn a barely liveable wage who waste all their money on iphones and flat panel tv’s. Hey buddy how bout you go buy some healthcare and put your priorites in some type of feasible order. In our society today we reward people for bad behavior or making mistakes. If you have a child at 18 out of wedlock you can pretty much get college for free and get medicaid and food stamps. Wow what kind of precedent does that set for your child that you just gave birth to. Guess who pays for the medicaid, food stamps, and college, I DO. I’m forced to pay for all these entitlement programs to people who are drug abusers, drunks, and whores who do nothing but sit home open their legs and spit out babies right and left. Makes me sick to my stomach and now we have a president who just enforces all these bums to keep recycling this pathetic behavior from generation to generation. Hey pieces of white trash, break the cycle, stop having babies, quit drinking, and leave the green grass alone. Go get a job and then maybe you can afford healthcare rather than putting a gun to my head and making me pay for it. Absolutely pathetic!!!

~The Meck~


USA Spread Thin!

     Floundered with debt we continue to make pledges to assist other countries with their troubles. Obama states that we will assist Chile in their recovery efforts from the 8.8 earthquake they suffered earlier today. Lets not forget we continue to assist Haiti with the earthquake they to suffered. Hang on a second Barack, where are your greenbacks. I understand we are the world police and we have acquired the position to help others in a time of need but we cant help ourselves. We pledge to help the needy and the “I don’t want to because I’m to lazy to help myself”. So Obama and his left wing crazies want to tax the hard working blue collar man to pay for all his colorful ideas. With credit card companies and Obama, the Americans are really taking one with no KY, if you get my drift. USA will be in debt for many generations to come. I would certainly hate to have a catastrophe in the states, just a mere nine years ago we had a horrid attack on the twin towers. Will we be prepared to help ourselves then? Sometimes you may just have too many irons in the fire. ~Lil Buddy~


Is Capitalism dead?

If you listen to our fearless leader of the free world, he’d had you believe that he loves capitlism, but that could’nt be further from the truth.How’s it feel to watch our government destroy everything our founders fought and died for? I tell you now if we continue on this path we will look like post WW1 Russia or even worse. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with the whole machine in Washington and elsewhere.Id also like to thank personally all the Idiots that voted Obama into office.Yeah I said it, IDIOTS!!! But wait, what other choice was there? John McCain? Also a progressive, But at least he’s not a communist. At this time in our nation, why do we have Toyota getting grilled by congress? Sure they made some mistakes, and surely they were very bad, but Keep it up Washington, and you will see what happens to the nation. You cant destroy Toyota without repercussions. It will happen, Wait and see.
I hate to even mention Healthcare, just wait till that gets passed. Our nation is going to fail unless we the people take control of our government, which is to be working for us and not shoving agendas down our throats.Just think for a minute, Nancy Pelosi is a dimwit and she’s 3rd in line of command. Our vice president cannot open his mouth without sticking his foot into it. And our dearly beloved leader,elected by the youth of our great nation whom havent an idea of what life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness even means, is a Socialist Elite and will destroy our nation beyond saving.That to me is VERY BAD GONE! Sexy Lingerie

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