Human Race

     Society today is an absolute cluster F***! Anymore people depend on OUR government day in and day out .With WIC, unemployment compensation, and food stamps, etc. People are lazy and choose not to accommodate themselves in manner in which are available to them. Everyone wants a handout. An low and behold Obama will sign you right up for the free dollars, but wait I pay the free dollars, the tax payers pay the free dollars. So let me get that tab for you. No problem.

     I currently work in the grocery business at Save-A-Lot and it is constant food stamp purchases. The sad thing to me is people are proud to be on them. As a cashier I must identify the payment and people proudly deliver the message “it’s a foot stamp card”. I am appalled at their sincere conviction to relay the message to me as they swipe their card through the machine. I’m sorry, but if it were me I would be completely embarrassed and do my best to hide the situation.

     This goes on and on. I watch 16 and pregnant on MTV and the young ladies on this show shock me at how they treat there situation. It’s almost as if they do not care for there immediate relatives (mom, dad, grandparents) just to pawn the responsibilities off on them to look after their newborn. Completely absurd.

     If you are in a difficult situation, work through it.  Be positive, continue to fight and aspire to accomplish your dreams. It will certainly take hard work but it can be done. I wish you all good luck in your endeavors and may I hear from you soon. BE HAPPY, and GO HARD! ~Lil Buddy~


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  1. InNeedOfHelp says:

    In today’s society the amount of welfare, WiC, and other government funded aid is rising. There is no disagreement there but however, the usage of that aid is needed. Laziness in our country is not the only problem here. If the officials would make the process of getting this aid harder or even drug test the applicants I myself do not think that we would be putting the amount of tax money into the programs as we are now. The need for the young women and men who find themselves in a situation where neither are capable of taking care of a child is growing rapidly too. If you can’t afford it–DON’T DO IT! Too many children these days are being raised by grandparents, aunts, and uncles. The government aid however is being put in the hands of the irresponsible and not the needy. I think if after they start drug testing the applicants the need for aid doesn’t go down then we have a serious problem. As a grocery store cashier I’m sure it’s not hard to judge who gives the “food stamp card” to you. Doesn’t it anger you that while you are standing there all day on your feet that people pass through your line with pops and chips and other items some of us call luxuries and part of your paycheck is going to their drugs and alcohol? Sexy Lingerie

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