The Wolfman

This movie is a remake of a classic from 1941.  The film centers around Mr. Larence Talbot(Del Toro) who comes back home to reunite with his father(Anthony Hopkins) after his brother is mauled in the deep woods surrounding their manor house.  Talbot has been far removed from his family and has had a distant relationship with both his brother and father.  Upon returning home he decides to stay and try to figure out what happens to his brother.  He gets bitten by a wereworlf  while investigating his brothers death, which in turn shifts blame to him and makes him a target.  Thats the central focus of the movie. 

The biggest positives of the movie is the ambience and the acting.  It doesnt get much better than Benecio Del Toro, Hugo Weaving and Anthony Hopkins.  Also it doesnt hurt that their  is a bad hot in the movie as well(Emily Blunt).  The most appealing thing about the movie to me is the dark 1880′s setting.  Kinda reminded me of  Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow.  The atmosphere the movie created was absolutely fantastic, from the creepy darkness to the Wolf running around mauling people.  The music accompaning the movie was well done and fit well with the movie as well.  The action kills of the wolf was awesome and terrifying, it actually made me jump a few times.  So if you like blood, gore, and guts, you’ll dig this flick. 

Their are also plot twists and turns that will keep you guessing.  The movie has a nice pace to it as well.  The only disappointing thing about the film was the ending.  It gave no solid conclusion and it becomes obvious what happens when you near the end for anyone who has seen “An American Werewolf in London”.  Overall and very cool and creepy movie and I would reccommend everyone to watch it.  Not a masterpiece by no means but worth 10$

~The Meck~


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