Socialist Eric Holder Worst AG Ever

Justice Department officials say that when senators were considering Eric Holder’s nomination to be attorney general last year, he didn’t given them all the legal briefs he had signed from his time in private practice.
Holder now has told the Senate Judiciary Committee about the lapse in turning over copies of the legal filings.

As part of the confirmation process, Holder submitted a list of all such legal briefs to the committee. But that list did not include filings in seven cases.

The issue of Holder’s past legal papers came up after some Republicans asked why lawyers who had previously done legal work for terror detainees now had jobs in the Justice Department.

For those of you who were not aware, the United States Attorney General (who is supposed to be the TOP lawyer in the country) currently has 9 lawyers working for you and I who helped represent terror detainees.

And yet, we all wonder why these idiots want to try these non-American individuals in civilian court and go as far as reading them their miranda rights. These people are not US citizens and therefore they do not deserve the same rights and privileges as you and I do.

All of you who voted for this Communist/Socialist/Marxist Obama, I hope you are happy with your choice and you will get what you deserve. May the next terror attack happen in your backyard, being sarcastic (I think).



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