Health Care Bill is NOT Deficit Neutral

I can’t take it any longer. Throughout all the biased news channels and outright Democrat party liars, all you hear about is how the massive health care bill will either lower the deficit or keep it at it’s current level.

My friends, if you hear anyone spouting off this nonsense, please realize they are either lying to you or too stupid to understand matters of the deficit. King Communist Barack Obama fully understands that this bill is not now nor will it ever lower the deficit. It is impossible.

For those of you who do not understand, let me explain.

The holy grail budgetary offices in the capitol, the Congressional Budget Office, is only providing us with half truths or outright lies (whichever you prefer will suffice). The CBO claims the bill will lower the deficit or keep it neutral for the first 10 years.

On the surface, this comment may seem somewhat accurate (depending on how accurate their predictions for future revenue are and history shows they are rarely accurate when predicting these things). If anything, they are always extremely short on the revenue piece and God knows they will never cut any program that is started by Congress.

The president’s health care bill is basing their deficit projections for the first 10 years on the fact that they are going to begin collecting the money to cover the bill immediately, yet you will not receive any benefits from the bill for the first 4 years. On the 5th year, you will begin to receive the benefits of the health care bill.

By collecting taxes for 10 years and only paying out benefits for 6 years, you can see how they claim the bill is deficit neutral over the first decade. What if they were paying out benefits immediately? If it takes 10 years to garner enough revenue to pay for 6 years of benefits, what are you going to do the next 10 years? This bill will end up costing 2 or more trillion dollars over the first 20 years and you can bet your ass on that.

Do you seriously believe in years 11-20 the deficit will still be neutral or lowered? Do you purchase a residence with the same belief? Go into a bank and tell them you are going to do what the government is doing with the health care bill, and watch them laugh you out of the bank.

Why does Obama and his people lie about the obvious? They fully know if the American people fully understood the details of this bill, that no one would be for the bill (most people are against it already, so can you imagine how much worse it would be without the lies?). The only people for this bill are the ones that think they are getting “Free” health care. Nothing is ever free and if this passes, everyone will soon realize.

Wake up America!

Stop letting these lying bastards feed you this bunch of crap. For the sake of our country, I seriously hope none of you can argue this matter. If you are unable to do basic math, maybe you should be institutionalized and not afforded the right to vote, insert sarcasm here.

The next time someone who believes what these democratic shysters are trying to pass tries to argue this with you, do not sit back and take it anymore. Tell them to stop lying and get all the facts before spouting off their nonsense.

Nonsense is all that it is and I am going to blow a gasket the next time I hear one of these reporters, and I use that term loosely, in the main stream media bloviate that this health care bill is deficit neutral or a deficit lower.

Wake up America, email and call your Congressmen. Tell them you do not want this bill passed. It can and probably will set this country back several years. Do you really want the congress in charge of 1/6th of the economy?

The government is too big and inefficient already and there is no way they can successfully run a health care system.

Please, Wake up and let your opinions be heard before it’s too late for all of us!!!



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