Before anyone believes I am anti business or think that the large oil corporations are evil, let me state unequivocally that I am neither. I do not begrudge the oil companies making zillions of dollars as long as they are doing it honestly. The reason they make so much profit is because their product is one of the most demanded products on Earth and they sell so much of it. If you look at their profit margins, they are in no way excessive at all.

All that being said, who do you think is the top recipient of BP donations over the prior 20 years? If you read the title of the story you already know, it is none other than Barack Obama. I bring this up because most people do not realize that the big oil companies distribute millions of dollars to politicians on both sides of the political spectrum. Republicans and Democrats alike take tons of money in donations from big oil.

To read more of this interesting article check out the link here.



2 Responses to “Who is Top Recipient of BP Donations over Prior 20 Years? Obama of Course”

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