Well, it looks like we have an answer now to the question raised in that Monday Ticket item here: Obama White House probe of Obama White House finds no Obama White House impropriety on Sestak.

This Joe Sestak/Obama White House job mess does have legs. The public and the media are not buying the White House’s self-cleansing, self-serving explanation that everything was appropriate, just move along.

The issue of what Democrat Sestak was offered by an Obama aide to drop out of his ultimately successful Pennsylvania Senate primary challenge of what’s-his-name-the-old-former-Democrat-ex-Republican-now-Democrat Specter may well come up this morning at President Obama’s first White House news conference in months. (As usual, we’ll have the full transcript here this afternoon.)

It’s a lesson that White House after White House fails to learn, incomplete answers only raise more questions. If it smells like a fish, good chance it’s a fish.

With an opening oil statement, Obama will try to steer/frame the media focus toward the messy….

…Gulf spill story because a) there’s another bad guy to blame and b) the president has laid on another photo op down there on Friday before he skips the Memorial Day services at Arlington National Cemetery to vacation again, this time in Chicago.

One-time White House insider Karl Rove has been outside Washington most of recent months, promoting his new best-seller,”Courage and Consequence.” But Wednesday he chatted with our buddy Scott Hennen, the upper Midwest’s top political talk-show host.
We’ve got a good piece of video down below for you to ponder. But let’s just quote some of the characteristically blunt, clear insight that’s made Rove so successful in politics, on the Fox News Channel and so hated/feared by opponents.

Here’s Rove on Sestak:

One of two things is true, you can’t have two things true. One or the other is true. Either Joe Sestak is lying and he was not offered a position in the administration in return for getting out of the primary.

You know he’s a liar, in which case not worthy of public service.

Or, he’s telling the truth, in which case somebody inside the White House committed a felony. 18usc211 says that, a government official cannot promise a job in return for anything of value and it has a long list of values.

Saying to a member of Congress if you drop out of the primary and give a free ride to the general election for our Democratic nominee in return for which we will give you a government job, is clearly receiving something of value. The value is a clear path to the nomination of your favorite candidate…..

What he in essence is saying is that there’s a felon inside the White House and I am going to stonewall and protect that individual. He has an obligation to tell. Either you’re a liar, Joe Sestak, or you’re protecting a felon.

Karl Rove is exactly spot on with his analysis. Whether you are a liberal or conservative you should know it is against the law to try to bribe someone with the prospects of a job just so you can get them out of a hotly contested congressional race.

I believe when Joe Sestak let the world know that someone inside the White House had offered him a job if he would exit the race that he did not believe he had a chance at beating “lap dog” Arlen Specter. Either he did not think he could win the race, or he is one stupid human being.

If he thought he had a chance to win, why wouldn’t he simply keep his mouth shut and go about his business? Surely he knew that by letting everyone know of the bribe offered to him that it would cause a lot of trouble for himself and the administration in the future.

The only thing that remains to be seen is whether or not the uber left in the northeast will continue to elect these morons into office that are obviously only out for themselves.

I guess time will tell.



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