Chelsie Stefano is a Sophomore Cheerleader from Maple Grove, Minnesota. She is pursuing a degree in Advertising with a minor in Management. She claims her eyes are her favorite feature about her appearance and says she has a very unique voice. Her favorite movie is Dumb and Dumberer. She loves both country and rap music. She loves watching So You Think You Can Dance. Her 3 favorite websites are YouTube, Facebook, and Yahoo. She wants to study abroad in SPain and above all else wants to go to Hawaii someday. If she had a last meal it would be A delicious meal from Ichibans … steak and chicken, with fried rice and shrimp sauce. To top it off, a warm chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream! If she were to be stranded on a deserted island the 3 things shed want with her are tanning lotion, water, and her cell phone. Even tho her last name looks it, Chelsie says she isnt Italian.

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