“Bad Hot”of the Day-Kacey Barnfield

The Bad Gone Blog, recently received a letter from Empire Management Group who apparently represents Kacey Barnfield. We were instructed to remove her pictures from our blog, so they are being removed.

We at Bad Gone Blog host this site at a loss, meaning we do not make enough money from our blog to even cover our expenses. You would think that an up and comer actress would enjoy any and all free publicity that she can get. Apparently Miss Barnfield’s representatives do not feel this way.

If we were making money off her images and she was a hugely successful star already who did not need any extra publicity, then maybe we would agree with their assessment (to force all people to remove images of her).

Granted she is a beautiful lady, and no matter how ridiculous we think this decision was, we will definitely abide by the request. Hell, we don’t want to promote anyone that isn’t thankful for what we are doing.

Considering our blog gets 1000s of hits a day, and one day we had over 20,000 hits you would think she would like her image and name being seen by people all over the world would be a welcoming gift.

Apparently not…so her picture is now removed and in it’s place we have placed a cartoon picture.

If you wish to see the lovely Miss Barnfield, you can still find numerous of her pictures at various online sites like imdb, kaceybarnfield.net, maxim.com, etc. You could also just as easy do a google search and find her pictures.

If her and her representatives will give us permission to post any pictures of her in the future, we will add some back to her pages.


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