Barack Obama has went on the offensive by accusing the Chamber of Commerce of using foreign collected donations to put in the coffers of Republican candidates this election cycle in November.

Get this…

He has absolutely no proof that this is taking place.

Get this…

Did you know Barack Obama is the number 1 recipient of campaign contributions from British Petroleum over hte past 20 years?

During his time in the Senate and while running for president, Obama received a total of $77,051 from the oil giant and is the top recipient of BP PAC and individual money over the past 20 years, according to financial disclosure records.

Get this…

Did you know that British Petroleum is a foreign corporation?

Mr. President, you are beneath fecal matter in the food chain for the crap you are trying to pull to dupe the voters into voting for big spending, wealth re-distributing congressmen.

You should be ashamed of yourself!

Did you know that Hillary Clinton even compained during the 2008 primaries about Obama’s reluctance to tighten up security measures for those who donate to his campaign online?

He was the only presidential contender that had address verification turned off on verifying that the donor was legitimate and not trying to dupe the system with a fake name.

Did you know he also accepted pre-paid gift cards for donations, in which no pertinent data is required when you purchase one?

Back in 2008, the Washington Post documented the ease by which foreigners and others could give the Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign. The campaign, in fact, boasted of it.

In addition to accepting pre-paid credit cards, the Obama campaign turned off the processing mechanism that verified only United States citizens were giving to his campaign.

As Patrick Ruffini documented in 2008 the Obama campaign turned off the Address Verification Service mechanism to the campaign website, allowing virtually anyone to give to the campaign.

Several people attempted to donate to his campaign with phoney names and addresses and the majority of them went through.

Hell even “John Galt”, of the infamous Atlas Shrugged book by Ayn Rand, was able to donate to Obama’s campaign. (this is a fictional character in the book)

For this president to come out against an organization using foreign money to contribute to Republicans is completely ridiculous, especially considering the bullshit he has pulled in accepting money from all the world during his various campaigns over the years.

It is also good to note that there is absolutely no proof that the Chamber of Commerce is doing what he is accusing them either, whereas there is tons of proof about his fund raising illegalities.

Someone named Doodad Pro with a fake address and information contributed $17,300 and another person named Good Will contributed $11,000 to his primary campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Even foreign dignitaries were speaking about all the Africans (true Africans from the continent) and Muslims who were contributing to him.

This man is a lying sack of cow dung and he is now very afraid that he is going to lose his power in Washington when a majority of his leftist followers get taken to the woodshed this November.

He will no longer be able to force feed the American people his brand of Socialism by spreading the wealth and killing the economy with additional taxes.

Mr. President, you may have fooled the American people before, but I do not believe you will do it again.

…at least I hope the American citizen’s aren’t stupid enough to allow him to keep his power by voting these clowns back into office.



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