ObamaCare Chart

ObamaCare Chart

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I wonder if the American people that voted this imcompetent into office are still proud of their decision. Can you believe this massive government bureaucracy that this Congress and President passed in the name of Health Care.

The health care bill doesn’t address the two main issues of the health care system: cost and lack of full coverage of individuals who want insurance.

This Obamacare is nothing more than a government takeover of the healthcare industry, otherwise they would have placed provisions in the bill to help lower the cost of healthcare as well as doing things to ensure everyone gets covered.

Instead they are going to force people to buy health insurance, even those who do not want it but can afford it (which is unconstitutional by the way) and they are going to force the hard working people to subsidize the costs of those who do not work, thus can’t afford their own insurance.

It’s remarkable to me that the governmental leaders have the audacity to force a bill of this magnitude through Congress without everyone having read it and without any of them fully understanding the ramifications and costs of it.

All congressional members who voted this bill into law should be voted out of office immediately.

Do your part and make this happen before they take over other industries that should remain private.

Was this the “Change we can all believe in” from his election rhetoric?



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