Brianna is a Junior Secondary Education Major from Chandler, Arizona. She loves ASU but came close to attending San Diego St. University. Her favorite class is Geography. The 3 movies she can live without are Knocked Up, Juno, Forever After. Brianna absolutely loves country music. The TV shows she watches religiously are Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Survivor, and Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. She is a huge football fan. She loves the Arizona Cardinals and the Phoenix Suns. She clamis Caramel Frappaccino’s from Starbucks is her guilty pleasure. She says her favorite thing about herself is her eye lashes. Brianna was born on St Patricks Day and she says no matter what she always pays for everything herself. The 5 people shed love to have dinner with living or dead are Oprah, Matt Leinart, Shaquille O’Neal, Pat Tillman, Marilyn Monroe. She loves pizza from Oregano’s Pizzeria. If she won the lotto the first thing shed buy is a Porsche Carerra GT. She plans on Backpacking Europe after graduation.

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