Do not listen to all the Democrat talking heads spouting off how they maintained their power in the Senate and held off Angle, O’Donnell, Buck and the other Republican candidates.

World War II was the last time there was such a huge turnover during an election.

Republicans captured 65+ seats in the House and at least 6 in the Senate. This doesn’t even include the numerous legislature seats and governorships that they picked up.

Make no mistake, this election was not about the favorability of the Republicans. This was a strong rebuke to the socialist democrat policies that the president and congress has been force feeding the citizens.

Republicans blew it the last time they had power and controlled all branches of government.

This time I believe it will be different because the upstart Tea Party will hopefully hold their feet to the fire going forward.

If you don’t do as the citizens wish, you should and will be voted out of office.

I just wonder if the President how big of a “change” he witnessed on election night?



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