Look out Netflix, here comes the 2 ton online gorilla after your streaming market share. Isn’t true unadulterated competition the greatest thing in the world!!!

We heard it was coming and now here it is. Amazon has flipped the switch on its “free” video streaming for Prime members, the service we’ve been hearing about for the past month or so. If you’ve already been taking advantage of subscription-based two-day shipping so that your impulse buys get to your door a little quicker you can now enjoy streaming of 5,000 pieces of “prime eligible” content, including some recent movies and a lot of TV shows, much of which will look awfully familiar if you’re also a Netflix subscriber. However, on some foreign films (like The Girl who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest above) you have the choice of subtitles or dubbed, and much of this content is still available to “rent” or “buy” if you want to be able to download it to a mobile device. We’re just checking out the service now and will be back with some impressions a little later.

Update: We’re hearing that this is only for paid Prime subscribers, so if you’re a college student or the like with a free membership you’re sadly out of luck. Also it’s US only at this point. Sorry!



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