You gotta love technology and competition. A upcoming company to keep an eye on is LightSquared. They are in the process of building out a nationwide 4G service to compete with other network providers like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

Where their business model differs is in the fact that are only building the infrastructure and not providing the phones, tablets or other future devices that utilize 4g technology. A device manufacturer need not partner with one of the big wireless providers in order to offer wireless on their devices. They can simply utilize LightSquareds infrastructure on their own device.

Best Buy has even agreed to produce their own cell phone and begin using the technology in Q1 of 2011. Leap Wireless, aka Cricket, has also signed up to use their services and broaden their reach in the wireless market.

Don’t be surprised if Apple does the same with their Ipads or even Amazon may do the same with their Kindle devices.

The future looks good in this sector.



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