Finally after 2 years of birther claims President Barack Obama has released his long form birth certificate. Whether it is real or a fake is not for me to decide. The truth of the matter is we have much larger issues to tackle than whether or not he is eligible to be president.

He is president and we need to do everything we can to make sure it’s only for one term.

This man is single-handedly trying to ruin this great country and the birthers need to discuss the real important issues at hand, namely his socialistic anti-business policies.

Unemployment remains extraordinarily high, gas prices are high and increasing by the day and congress is still hell bent on spending beyond its means.

The man who rode the mantra of change into the highest office in the land has done nothing but changed things for the worst.

Anyone that doesn’t see this is either blind or ignorant and perhaps a little bit of both.

He politics saying he is going to lower the deficit, yet he comes into office and outspends all of his predecessors. I guess he forgot to mention that he was going to increase spending exponentially before lowering the deficit.

As an example, if you go from spending 100 bucks a year on something and then you increase your spending to 500 bucks a year and then cut that amount in half the following year to 250, haven’t you still increased spending 2.5 times from where it was when you came into office.

You watch and see him try to take credit for lowering spending when the conservatives force reduced spending through congress.

He has to go…before he ruins the country.

If anyone is interested in viewing his long form birth certificate, you can check out the link here.



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