I came across something very interesting concerning Barack Obama’s birth certificate recently. Apparently a newspaper in Hawaii, the Aloha Reporter, had an article about all the requests they had been getting on the president’s birth certificate and in the article, they released a birth certificate…see image below.

Birth Certificate from Aloha Reporter in 2010

If you compare the image above with the one released by the White House a few days ago you will see one huge glaring difference. Check out the race of his father in the image above and below.

Obama Birth Certificate Released by White House

The top image released in the Aloha Reporter newspaper shows the race of father as Negro – African, whereas the bottom image which was released by the white house shows the race of father as African.

One, if not both, of these documents have to be fake…otherwise they would say the exact same thing.

If you don’t believe the image above, just got to the website link of the Aloha Reporter here. One of these, if not both, of these documents are fake.

Maybe there is more to these birther arguments than I gave them credit for.



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