A homeless man was dead after a woman discovered him inside her Fayetteville apartment, which was in a house that had been broken up into several apartments. Fayetteville police said John Standridge entered the woman’s apartment to use the bathroom.

She told police she found him and screamed. She said Standridge then ran out of the room with his pants around his ankles, tripped and fell down the stairs and died.

A downstairs neighbor met him at a liquor store and invited Standridge back to the house to stay the night so he wouldn’t have to sleep outside. The neighbor got drunk then went to bed. He gave Standridge a blanket and pillow and said he could sleep on the couch.

The neighbor said he thinks Standridge was intoxicated and got confused about which apartment was which and mistakenly entered the woman’s apartment. He said Standridge was a nice guy and thought he had “met a new friend.”

The coroner found the cause of death to be consistent with a fall down the stairs, but the body was sent to the Arkansas Crime Lab for more testing.



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