President Obama may go down as the worst president of the current generation, and this includes Jimmy Carter’s horrendous stint as president.

Just look at what he is saying now. Aligning himself with a public fed up with economic uncertainty and Washington gridlock, President Barack Obama declared Thursday: “There is nothing wrong with our country. There is something wrong with our politics.”

Really, Mr. President!?!?!

It took you all of nearly 3 years in the highest office, 3 years in the US Senate and 8 years in the Illinois state senate to figure this out?

When Obama was elected president in 2008, your party controlled all three branches of government; the white house, the senate and the house of representatives. Not only did your party control all three branches, but the minority party didn’t have enough votes to stop any bill from being signed into law.

Obama and the lying Democrat politicians are now trying to blame our credit rating downgrade on the tea party republicans. This is an outright lie and those people perpetuating this lie should be voted out of office. Apparently those on the left believe the American public is dumb enough to believe what comes out of their mouths, and unfortunately that is probably true with a lot of people.

Lets look at the indisputable facts and you can decide what is the truth on your own. If you choose not to believe what it written over the next few paragraphs, I urge you to do your own research from valid sources.

Fact number 1: The Obama administration and Congress had not passed a single budget for nearly three years. This goes all the way back to the time the Democrats controlled all 3 branches of our government. The Democrats could have passed anything that they wanted to pass. They simply chose not to.

Fact number 2: In fairness to Obama, he did put forth one budget during this time which he sent over to the Senate for a vote. The Senate, which was controlled by the Democratic party, voted the president’s bill down by a whopping 97-0 vote. You may want to read that last sentence more than once. Not 1 single senator voted for the president’s bill. Not a single one.

Fact number 3: When Obama was elected he put forth and passed a so-called stimulus bill of nearly 1 trillion dollars which was supposedly made up of shovel ready projects. In passing this bill, Obama said unemployment would peak at 8% and then go down. Take a look at the graph below which was created by the Obama administration which depicts their prediction of unemployment with and without his stimulus bill passing.

obama unemployment graph projection

Fact number 4: The S&P specifically said that we needed to produce 4 trillion dollars in cut otherwise we would risk losing our triple A credit status. The congress only passed a little over 2 trillion in so-called savings during the debt debate, with most of the savings in the outter years. In reality there was no savings at all. What they are considering cuts are in fact nothing more than slight decreases in projected spending. Each and every year the government bakes an 8% increase into several programs. At previous current projections, we are expected to spend 46 trillion dollars over the next decade. Congress got together and shaved a miniscule 2 trillion off this projected amount. WE ARE STILL SET TO SPEND 44 TRILLION DOLLARS OVER THE NEXT DECADE!!! You wonder why the S&P downgraded our credit rating? It wasn’t because of the tea party. It was due to the ridiculous projected spending over the next several years.

Fact number 5: When Obama took office in 2008, the national debt stood at $10.6 trillion dollars. Today our debt current stands at $14.6 trillion dollars. That is a whopping $4 trillion dollar increase in less than 3 years.

Fact number 6: Obama has given tax breaks to nearly everyone. He even gave tax dollars to those who haven’t paid any federal income tax. Suffice it to say, tax cuts for you and I do not create the necessary jobs. In order to truly stimulate the economy, the politics have to be more business friendly. The only reason people start businesses is to make a profit. If a businessman does not think he can start a company that will produce a profit due to health care mandates and increased regulations on his business, he will probably decide the risk to reward ratio isn’t in his favor, thus he won’t even try to start up a new business.

Fact number 7: Nowadays, Obama is all about compromise and both parties working together to solve the nation’s current crisis. Why wasn’t he about compromise when his party controlled all 3 chambers of government during his first 2 years in office? Why did Obama push through his unconstitutional health care mandate when it received NO votes from members of the republican party? The democrats still hold 2 of the 3 branches of government, so they still hold the leverage.

There are many additional facts which I have not included in this article. I wanted to highlight just a few things that I deem really important on this debate.

What is broken with American politics? It is the political system that is broke. Until we get rid of the career politicians, we will always have problems with our government. We need politicians who are not worried about winning their next election. It takes money to win elections. With money, comes lobbyists and wealthy donors who will expect your cooperation in the future. If a politician is worried about being voted out of office, will he do what he knows is right for the citizens every time he places a vote, or will he do what the lobbyists and wealthy want him to do for their interests? He needs money to campaign for re-election, so odds are he will do whatever the donors ask him to do.

We need term limits on all of our politicians. Until politicians are forced to leave office, we can never expect them to always vote what they feel is in the best interest of the citizens. Hell, maybe we treat congress the same way jurors are selected. Draw people’s name out of hats and send them to Congress for 1 year. Write bills in common sense language which can be no more than 1 page in length.

Do away with the federal income tax and institute a flat sales tax with no loopholes. If someone is on welfare and they have the ability to work, gather them up and make them clean our roadways or do some other job that would benefit everyone. The only people who should be able to receive government assistance without producing any type of work are the disabled.

If each state has to balance their budget each year, why can’t the federal government do the same?

The problem with US politics is that someone whose public sector accomplishments only consist of his time being a community organizer can rise up through the political system and become president of the greatest nation on earth only because he is a great speaker with some financial heavyweight backers.

Hopefully, the American people have seen the destruction his socialistic policies are having on our world today and they will not make the mistake of voting him into office for a second term.

With the globalization of today’s world, you simply can not take from the rich and spread the money around to the poor. The wealthy can move their monies to more business friendly areas and not be affected by policy changes which aim to strip them of more of their money.

Look at what happened in Maryland when the governor raised taxes on the wealthy. Instead of receiving $106 million more in revenue after the tax was hiked, the actual amount millionaires paid decreased by $257 million. So, what happened you may ask? The millionaires fled the state.

You increase revenues or taxes not by soaking the wealthy, but by growing the economy and having more people paying taxes into the system.

One day people will understand this and hopefully stop buying into the class warfare rhetoric that all leftist Democrats rely upon to get reelected into office each year.



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