What does 1 Trillion Dollars Look Like

We will build up to a visual interpretation of what a trillion dollars is by starting with the 100 dollar bill.

Hundred Dollar Bill

Next we will look at a measly ten thousand dollars. A packet of one hundred $100 bills is less than 1/2″ thick and contains $10,000 which could easily be carried in your pocket.

Ten Thousand Dollars

The next pile we will look at is a million dollars which is comprised of 100 packets of $10,000 and could easily fit into a small sack.

One Million Dollars

Now, we are getting somewhere. Let’s take a look at 100 million dollars, visually which would fit nicely on a normal sized pallet.

One Hundred Million Dollars

If you think that is impressive, check out what 1 billion dollars looks like. It would fit nicely on 10 standard pallets.

One Billion Dollars

Are you ready for what comes next? A trillion dollars is nearly unimaginable. It is comprised of 1 thousand billion dollars. So it would fit nicely on 10,000 pallets. For easy viewing, the pallets in the picture below of a trillion dollars are double stacked.

One Trillion Dollars

Remember, in all the pictures above, we are using 100 dollar bills as the smallest currency for the pictures.

Out government currently owes 14 of the above picture and is currently in debt with unfunded liabilities which total over 115 of the picture above.

This debt debacle was brought on by Republican and Democrats alike. The career politician is to blame for this current fiscal crisis. Republicans have a bad habit of borrowing money to spend lavishly, whereas Democrats typically want to tax the producers to spend lavishly.

Regardless if you are borrowing to spend or if you are taxing to spend, both practices need to be stopped. As a country we can’t continue spending money we do not have by passing IOUs onto the next generations of Americans.

Do you still think Obama or any other politician who is not in favor of drastically cutting spending is worthy of being our next president?

I think not!!!



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