Don’t look now, but the Barack Obama machine allegedly has ties to two of Herman Cain’s accusers. Sharon Bialek, the first accuser to go public lived in the same Chicago apartment building as Barack Obama’s top adviser David Axelrod.

Another of Cain’s accusers, Karen Kraushaar currently works for the Obama government as a communications director at the Inspector General’s Office of the Treasury Department, a position she has held since last year.

Did Cain sexually harass any of the women that came forward with the allegations?

I have no idea, and the only people that know for sure are him and his accusers.

I do find it rather peculiar that two of the women indirectly have ties to the Obama administration. Considering Obama’s history with discrediting his opponents over the years, I would not put it past anyone in his inner circle to try to do this type of thing again.

The african-american vote is a huge (90% or more) voting bloc that democrats have relied on for years, and if the voters are given an opportunity to learn the history of accomplishment that Herman Cain has achieved, it may just swing some african-american votes his way, weakening the voting bloc that democrats have relied upon for a countless number of years.

Things that make you go hummmmm….



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