Karl Towns Jr., currently an 8th grader stands 6 foot 10 inches tall and can shoot the rock like an off guard. Check out the video below, and let me know if you think he looks like a black Dirk Nowitzki.

Check out this brief video of one of his workouts. The kid has great form on his jump shot.



Check out the now 12 year old Damon Harge, a 7th grader from Modesto Christian Middle School in California. Another former UK Wildcat played at Modesto Christian, Chuck Hayes. Check out the youngsters response to his favorite player, and where he’d like to play once he finishes middle and high school.

Check out his unbelievable video below.

Amazing young hoopster…already better than Michael Porter and Saul Smith.

How about another sick video of this kid?

This may be the best video yet. The first part shows his ball handling and passing skills, while the second half of the video shows his shooting ability.



Herman Cain Suspends Campaign for President

Amidst new allegations of marriage infidelity, Herman Cain suspends his run for the White House. The latest allegations deal with a lady whom Mr. Cain has known for over a decade.

Mr. Cain intends to endorse a remaining candidate within the next few days.

I was hoping Herman would be able to tough it out until the end, but it was apparent the personal attacks were beginning to take a toll on his family. Unlike all of his opponents, Herman was a regular man and not a professional politician.

Tonight we wish him good luck in the future and thank him for all he has brought to the primary.


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