If you can win an election based on your horrible actual results of the handling of the economy, why not just fudge the data to trick the mass of population that doesn’t even understand labor statistics and the like?

This is exactly what the Obama administration and Bureau(aka Bullshit) of Labor Statistics is currently doing.

They just released data for the previous month claiming that the unemployment rate decreased from 8.5% down to 8.3%. On the surface, this looks like great news for the economy in general.

If you look under the hood into how the number was derived, a completely different picture materializes before your eyes.

The BLS, adds in variables/adjustments to their January numbers to try to mitigate the influx of temporary labor into the market. This in and of itself shows you that the data can be manipulated by just adjusting one of your many variables.

The end result is that in January, those “not in the labor force” did in fact rise by 1.2 million (whether compared to December or to 2011 – please, go ahead and check as many times as needed), and the labor force participation rate dropped to a new 30 year low of 63.7%, a number which incidentally only has to drop by 5% more percent for the BLS to report zero, or even a negative, unemployment rate.

When you adjust the denominator in any rate calculation, you grossly affect the statistic in which you are measuring. By the BLS not taking into account the amount of people that have fallen off the grid (those that do not have jobs and have exhausted their unemployment benefits), they mask the true unemployment rate currently in the country.

Just go talk to someone who has been out of work over a year or longer, or speak to someone who is currently working part-time because they are unable to find full time employment. They will tell you truth about the “real” unemployment or underemployment rate.

Obama’s policies have been a complete failure, and only an incompetent person would argue this fact. More regulation, more bureaucracy, more taxes, more government intervention, etc. does not make for a pro-business economy.

Businesses can’t risk hiring more people with so much uncertainty in the market around Obamacare and the threat of additional nex taxes on their businesses. This is the reason why the economy has been so slow to turn back around.

Don’t listen to the so-called biased pundits on television. Grab a computer and search to your heart’s content about the economy and real unemployment rate.

Educate yourself so that you can make a smart decision when the time comes to cast your vote. I highly suggest you read Thomas Sowell economic books(see link below).


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