Ladies and gentlemen, this is no longer your democratic party which used to be much more centrist. Just take a look at your leaders and their recent records while in power. Starting at the top we have President Barack Obama, one of the most liberal presidents in the history of the United States. No one has been surrounded by so many socialist loving wealth redistributors as one Barack Obama has been surrounded by. Likes attract, and if you spend one millisecond listening to an Obama speech, the socialistic redistributive tone oozes out of his mouth with unabashed flair. Not only is he ultra liberal, but he does absolutely nothing to even hide it, which is strange indeed.

Number two on the list is Nancy Pelosi, former speaker of the house and current top democrat in the house of representatives is an old school San Francisco far left liberal. When she’s not making incoherent speeches, she can be found strong arming her constituents into passing whatever far left power grabbing bill is before her in Congress.

Next up is current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He, in the pockets of all the big money casino operators and deep pocketed union groups, is extremely liberal himself. At one time he was considered moderate, but I guess the power of the Senate majority leader trumped his former more moderate beliefs.

In contrast look at the Blue Dog Democrats, the more conservative democrats in the party, mostly located in the southern states. 3 of the top 4 Blue Dogs have decided not to run for re-election due to their dwindling chances of being successful in another run. Heath Shuler, former Tennessee quarterback and blue dog representative from North Carolina had the balls to run against Pelosi for the top spot for Democrats in the House, but he was soundly beaten by the ultra liberal Pelosi.

In 2010, Nancy Pelosi starred in $75 million worth of negative ads that helped Republicans win control of the House and wrest the speaker’s gavel from her.

Now, the relative handful of moderate Democrats left say the fear of a rerun helps explain why so many of their breed are headed for the exits and why others ignored the pleas of party leaders to make comeback bids in 2012.

Three of the four leaders of the moderate Democratic Blue Dog Coalition have announced that they will retire at the end of this year. The latest to leave is Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.), who got a country butt-kicking when he ran against Pelosi for House Democratic leader after the last election.

The argument, made by several sources who called POLITICO without solicitation, goes like this: Even if a moderate can withstand a bad lot in redistricting, raise millions of dollars and overcome ads warning of a second Pelosi speakership, his voice will be ignored in the next Congress.

“What I think is really lost here is a lot of the retirements were preordained the minute Nancy Pelosi decided to run again for speaker,” one retiring centrist said in an interview last week.

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