It is one of the most elusive creatures on earth and it is one of the most hunted creatures on earth if for no other reason than to prove its existence.

According to cryptozoologists, it roams the forests of the great Northwest to the brush land of Southwest Texas, it is known to the world as Bigfoot.

“I’m very convinced by all the evidence that I’ve studied for years and years. There’s got to be something to it,” said Ken Gerhard a local cryptozoologist who has written numerous books on the subject.

Gerhard has spent half of his life years in search of the creature that stands from 6 feet to 9 and-a-half feet tall. The body is covered with hair and the face has man-like features.

Texas is in the top 10 when it comes to states with Bigfoot sightings, which is why Gerhard is in area.

He said there have been numerous sightings in South Texas and even in Bexar and surrounding counties.

“In a Big Foot report on the West Side of San Antonio here a couple of years ago, it was described that a Big Foot creature came out and took a road kill deer and dragged it off to the woods,” Gerhard said.

The abundance of wilderness in South Texas is one reason Big Foot could be in our midst. With an abundance of food and hiding places, it’s just the way Big Foot likes it.

“To avoid human beings, they have chosen these remote and inaccessible areas,” Gerhard said.

Structures in woods, alleged hair samples and talk of soon-to-be released DNA lend credibility to Big Foot’s existence.

But some of the most compelling evidence are casts of footprints, much larger and flatter than a human foot.

Gerhard said he has never laid eyes on Big Foot, but felt he was in its presence one time while on a hunt in North Texas.

“I believe I was within 50 yards of Big Foot creature that was making these loud noises or vocalizations,” he said.

Even coming that close, Gerhard says as a scientist, he has to remain somewhat skeptical; however, he will keep looking for definitive proof.

“Seeing is believing. That’s for sure,” he said.

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