In shocking news out of the state of Florida, it was reported that 53,000 dead voters were found to still be on the voting rolls. Why do Democrats constantly fight any attempt by politicians to put forth a bill requiring voters to show an ID to vote.

The answer is quite simple.

Recent history shows that the majority of voter fraud occurs within and for the Democrat party. Just do a google search on Acorn and the 2008 election and you will find all the information you could ever want to read about this topic.

People have to show their ID for a number of things, so why is it such a big deal to also make them show IDs to vote? It has absolutely nothing to do with one’s income status, as the Democrats try to exclaim. They are fully aware of all the fraud that takes place in their favor and they have no inclination to do anything to put a stop to it.

It is simply ridiculous, if you ask me.

One Ohio homeless man claimed to have voted over 80 times as the Acorn organization signed him up to vote that many times. One guess as to which party Acorn supports, which the man voted for.

Ever wonder why Acorn was so prominent in the state of Ohio in 2008? Republicans have a nearly impossible time winning a presidential election without carrying Ohio.

I have learned that Florida election officials are set to announce that the secretary of state has discovered and purged up to 53,000 dead voters from the voter rolls in Florida.

How could 53,000 dead voters have sat on the polls for so long? Simple. Because Florida hadn’t been using the best available data revealing which voters have died. Florida is now using the nationwide Social Security Death Index for determining which voters should be purged because they have died.

Here is the bad news. Most states aren’t using the same database that Florida is. In fact, I have heard reports that some election officials won’t even remove voters even when they are presented with a death certificate. That means that voter rolls across the nation still are filled with dead voters, even if Florida is leading the way in detecting and removing them.

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