Obama is just out with new ads trying to spin the auto-bailouts in a positive light, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Obama the Messiah is claiming to have saved the car industry by using taxpayer money to prop up General Motors and Chrysler. He even went on to say that he would like to do what he did with the car industry across all industries in America.

American citizens, be very afraid…very very afraid.
The american taxpayer is still down from around $61 billion dollars from this government intrusion into a piss poor managed car company that was basically destroyed by the union bosses and mismanagement.

…and guess what…

If the stock market keeps selling GM stock to new lows, the losses above are only magnified. The american taxpayer still owns 500,000 shares of GM stock which currently trades less than $20 a share. The problem with this, is the american taxpayer needs the stock to trade up to $53 just to break even on our purchase of those shares of the company.

Is this what Americans really want to see happen to other industries in our great country???

This president has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has absolutely no idea how capitalism even works. Is it a wonder that this man has been unable to create 1 new net job since he took office less than 4 years ago? At currently employment levels, there are now 2 million fewer people in the work force than when he took office. Don’t believe his bullshit lies that the economy is doing better, because it is struggling along.

Did you see the most recent GDP data? It came in around 1.5%, which is absolutely awful.

Did you see the most recent unemployment data? It is still above 8% after nearly 3.5 years.

Have you seen the data on the amount of american citizens having to resort to some sort of government assistance just to get by? I am not talking about the lazy worthless bums who refuse to work, either. I am talking about proud citizens who enjoy working and earning their own keep. Government assistance is at it’s highest number EVER!!!

Have you seen the data on the amount of american citizens now having to rely on disability to make ends meet? Far be it from me to question whether or not these people are truly disabled, but the amount of people on disability has increased over 100% in just the last year.

Have you seen food prices lately? They are skyrocketing.

Have you seen gas prices lately? They have been hovering near that ridiculous $3-$4 level for the majority of his presidency.

Have you been keeping up with the rounds of golf this president has played, while the rest of us struggle to just get by? Well, he is up to 104 rounds of golf in less than 4 years as president.

Have you heard Obama articulate one way to stimulate the economy that actually has any merit lately? All he wants to talk about is class warfare. Let’s tax the rich more because they aren’t paying their fair share.

Does he really believe any amount of taxes raised on any class of people is going to create a single solitary job?

Do you still feel that this man is qualified to be president?

Do you feel he is qualified to successfully run any business, whatsoever?

Why on God’s green Earth are so many people still committed to voting for him?

What has he done correctly for the country?

Can he ever create a thriving economy?

Is it just coincidence that he sought out marxist professors in college?

Is it just coincidence that his mentor was dyed in the wool committed communist? (See Frank Marshall Davis)

Is it just coincidence that his father was a dyed in the wool committed communist? (Read Obama’s book Dreams of my Father)

What is it going to take to change you people’s opinion?

I want to know if you seriously believe that Obama has America on the right path back to prosperity for all?

Please…for the love of God, tell me what makes you believe the way you do.


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