Bad Gone Blog was born from the minds of 4 very opinionated individuals who decided that it was time to share our very well thought out beliefs and ideals with the world. Bad Gone Blog is mostly focused on politics and any goings on in the world which we consider to be “bad gone”.

The political arena itself provides us many opportunities to write about “bad gone” things that our elected politicians do throughout each and every day. Hardly ever does a day go by in which some political loon hatches a bird brained idea which is very bad gone.

We will also bring you pictures and videos of bad hot women, bad hot athletes, bad gone videos we find online and several other topics which we find interesting. We will occasionally post articles on sports happenings, stock market information, movie reviews, religious happenings and everything else you can imagine.

We encourage you to leave comments when you agree or disagree with what we are blogging about. We believe in healthy debate from all sides of the political spectrum. Don’t hesitate to challenge us and if you enjoy writing, you may be given the opportunity to write a blog on our site. Just let me know by dropping me an email. boo@badgoneblog.com.

For The Meck, Timmy Conza, Lil Buddy and Burk, this is Boo thanking you for taking the time out of your day to read our enlightening and always provocative blog.

Check back often as we will try to bring you fresh content every single day.


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