For those of you who are UK Wildcats basketball and sports fans in general, you should check out Kentucky Sports Radio sometime. The main host is Matt Jones and one of his occasional co-hosts is Ryan Lemond. Check out this hilarious video from Ryan’s younger days as a host for WLEX in Lexington, Kentucky.

I highly encourage all UK fans to check out as well as their radio show which airs from 10am – 12pm Monday – Friday out of the major radio markets in the state of Kentucky.

For all you Glee fans out there, especially of the male persuasion, check out the video below of one Naya Rivera (Santana from Glee) performing in a stripper pole dance off for a Spike TV show several years ago. At the time, she was only 20 years old…


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Karl Towns Jr., currently an 8th grader stands 6 foot 10 inches tall and can shoot the rock like an off guard. Check out the video below, and let me know if you think he looks like a black Dirk Nowitzki.

Check out this brief video of one of his workouts. The kid has great form on his jump shot.



Check out the now 12 year old Damon Harge, a 7th grader from Modesto Christian Middle School in California. Another former UK Wildcat played at Modesto Christian, Chuck Hayes. Check out the youngsters response to his favorite player, and where he’d like to play once he finishes middle and high school.

Check out his unbelievable video below.

Amazing young hoopster…already better than Michael Porter and Saul Smith.

How about another sick video of this kid?

This may be the best video yet. The first part shows his ball handling and passing skills, while the second half of the video shows his shooting ability.



You won’t believe this video. A Los Angeles Dodgers fan drops his daughter while trying to catch a foul ball hit into the stands.

It’s a touching father-daughter moment at Dodger Stadium.

Dad holds up daughter to watch as foul ball sails into the stands.

Dad, realizing ball is coming straight at him, drops daughter.


As Kruk would say, should have brought your glove, Meat.



Police are looking for a man who urinated on more than 100 packages of cough drops inside a Walgreens in Florida.

It happened last Thursday around 10:30 p.m. at a Walgreens on S. French Avenue in Sanfiord.

Investigators say the man went to the aisle where the cough drops are kept, looked around, unzipped his pants, and urinated on about 110 packages of cough drops.

Police say he then walked back to the pharmacy and attempted to fill a prescription but didn’t have the proper documents.

The man then left the store.

Check out the video footage below.

Video: Man Caught Peeing on Cough Drops in Drug Store:

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